MAXIMIZE SELF–CARE POTENTIAL THROUGH ASIA REGULATORY HARMONIZATION 10th WSMI AP Regional Conference & 2nd APSMI General Assembly Meeting 21–22 October 2014, Phuket, Thailand




Visas and Customs Information

  1. 1. Generally, a foreign citizen who wishes to enter the Kingdom of Thailand is required to obtain a visa from a Royal Thai Embassy or a Royal Thai Consulate-General. However, nationals of certain countries do not require a visa if they meet visa exemption requirements as follows:
  2. 2. Nationals of certain countries may apply for visa upon arrival in Thailand. Travellers with this type of visa are permitted to enter and stay in Thailand for a period of not exceeding 15 days. For more information, please visit /123/15393-Visa-on-Arrival.html
  3. 3. Travellers travelling from / through countries which have been declared Yellow Fever Infected Areas must acquire an International Health Certificate verifying the receiving of a Yellow Fever vaccination. For more information, please visit /main/en/services/123/15384-List-of-countries-which-are-declared -Yellow-Fever.html
  4. 4. Nationals of certain countries are required to apply for a visa only at the Royal Thai Embassy or the Royal Thai Consulate-General in the applicant’s country of residence, or at the Royal Thai Embassy which has jurisdiction over his or her country of residence. Travellers are advised to enquire about authorised office for visa issuance at any Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General before departure. Contact details and locations of Royal Thai Embassies and Royal Thai Consulates-General are available at

In the case that an invitation letter for applying a visa is required, please contact

For more information, Please refer to